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Ant Comic 20

Posted in ant comic, comics by michaeldeforge on May 28, 2012

Ant Comic animated, lose 4, teeth

Posted in ant comic, comics, illustration by michaeldeforge on May 27, 2012

Lose 4 progress

Illustration for an article on teeth for an upcoming Maisonneuve issue

Steve Bissette reviews Lose #3!

http://mangarin.tumblr.com animates the last installment of Ant Comic. This was such an insane and amazing surprise to find in my Inbox:

Posted in misc by michaeldeforge on May 22, 2012

Titters, Abbey Loafer 7

Posted in comics by michaeldeforge on May 21, 2012


Posted in comics by michaeldeforge on May 16, 2012

some things:

I have a short comic in this new John Malta zine, “Universal Slime”, which you can buy from his site.

Copies of Maxim’s Hot 100 are/were for sale at Domino Books, printed by Mille Putois.

This Closed Captioned Comics TCAF report is really great.

Buy a subscription to Mothers News. I contribute to their monthly comics spread.

Ant Comic 19

Posted in ant comic, comics by michaeldeforge on May 14, 2012

TCAF, pages, Sendak

Posted in comics, illustration by michaeldeforge on May 11, 2012

Thanks to everyone who came out to TCAF! It was nice meeting new people. Special thanks to Derek Ballard for being the best houseguest anyone could ever ask for, and for not complaining about the fact that I made him sleep in the horrible nest of pubic hair, pita crumbs, dead ants and empty Five Hour Energy shots that is my basement apartment.

Here are some post-TCAF pages for Lose 4 and Kid Mafia 3

I did a strip based off one of the character sheets from the excellent Providence Comics Consortium for the Consortium Showcase #5.


The Providence Comics Consortium teaches comics and cartooning at Providence Community Libraries all over Providence! AND We publish work by kid’s and comic artists of all stripes!

I colored the strip for fun, because that is what I am, a really fun person

TCJ.com has a page full of very thoughtful and touching tributes to Maurice Sendak. This was my contribution to the page:

Also: The mysterious (?) Alex Degen (Area CC) draws Abbey Loafer.

I now have a Tumblr just for “Purple Music.”

And Nobrow 7 is coming out soon. I have a few pages in it.


Posted in comics by michaeldeforge on May 2, 2012

I’ll be attending the Toronto Comics Art Festival this weekend at the Koyama Press table!

Debuting at my table will be Kid Mafia #2 and Horrible #1, collecting the web comic I drew for the Study Group website and featuring brand new horror stories from Patrick Kyle, Zach Worton and Chris Kuzma, plus some bonus material.

Risographed prints of my Doug Wright poster will also be available (either at my table or somewhere else at the fest, I’m not sure.) And I’m doing up a few more prints today that I’ll be selling for a buck or two each, also.

Some anthologies I’ve contributed to that aren’t debuting but are still, like, “new” to the show include Rat Hex (which I think I’ll be selling at my table) and Sundays #5. Is Incinerator still “new”? I’ll have some of those for sale, too. And some sheets of Stinckers.

I’ll also be selling a stack of zines from Mickey Z, who unfortunately won’t be attending the show this year.

On Saturday, I’ll be talking at this massive Adventure Time panel at the Marriot Bloor:

3:15 – 5:00 – The Adventure Time Mega-Panel!
Who doesn’t love adventures? TCAF presents: Adventure Time creators doing what they do best: making crazy-delightful comics about the series they work on. Don’t miss this fun-filled live drawing session, accompanied by Q&A and general discussion. With Pendleton Ward, Ryan North, Bob Flynn, Andy Ristiano, Michael DeForge, Steve Wolfhard, and Jesse Moynihan

TCAF is this Saturday and Sunday at the Toronto Reference Library.


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