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Simon Hanselmann/Patrick Kyle/Michael DeForge Fall Tour

Posted in comics, posters by michaeldeforge on August 11, 2014

Simon Hanselmann/Michael DeForge/Patrick Kyle Tour Dates

Simon touring Megahex! Michael touring Lose! Patrick touring Distance Mover! More details about individual dates, concerts and talks forthcoming. Silkscreened version of the above collaboration available soon.

September 12th – Baltimore, MD – Atomic Books

(with Charles Burns, Ed Piskor, Noel Freibert and more! Without DeForge or Kyle)

September 12th – Baltimore, MD – Floristree

Creep Highway/Strange Times People Band/Alan Resnick/Oh Hang/Alex Body concert

September 13-14th – Bethesda, MD SPX

September 15th – Charlottesville, VA – Telegraph Gallery

(with Noel Freibert)

September 16th – Philadelphia, PA – Locust Moon Comics

(with Farel Dalrymple, Annie Mok and Noel Freibert)

September 17th – Philadelphia, PA – Lavazone

Cartoonists Make Noise: Creep Highway/See-Through Girls/Girl Mountain/Flesh Prince/DJ Alex concert

September 20th – Brooklyn, NY – Bergen Street Comics

(with Eleanor Davis, Jesse Reklaw, Matthew Thurber, Mark Connery and Alex Degen)

September 21st – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Book Festival

September 23rd – Manhattan, NY – The New School

September 24th – Pittsburgh, PA – Copacetic Comics

(with Annie Mok)

September 27th – Columbus, OH – Kafe Kerouac

September 28th – Chicago, IL – Giron Books

Creep Highway/Hogg/Goat Mouth/Lyra Hill/Bringer of Everything concert

September 30th – Chicago, IL – Editions Kavi Gupta

October 2nd – Minneapolis, MN – Boneshaker Books

October 4th – Las Vegas, NV – TBA

October 5th – Los Angeles, CA – Secret Headquarters

October 7th – San Francisco, CA – Mission Comics

October 9th – Portland, OR – Floating World

October 10th – Portland, OR – Gridlords

October 11th – Seattle, WA – Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery

(with Lane Milburn and Conor Stechschulte)

October 12th – Vancouver, BC – Pulp Fiction

(without Simon Hanselmann)

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