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Cody – all in one

Posted in comics by michaeldeforge on February 3, 2013

In October, I serialized a comic called “Cody” on my blog. Here it is all in one place, rather than having to read it a page at a time.

cody, poster

Posted in comics, posters by michaeldeforge on October 30, 2012

Cover to Cody, dropping BCGF

poster for a friend

Haiyan benefit sale/auctions

Posted in misc by michaeldeforge on November 21, 2013

I also contributed some work for these eBay auctions that Rina Ayuyang is running, the proceeds of which are being donated to the American Red Cross for Typhoon Haiyan relief. There’s some incredible work up for auction from a pretty wide range of creators.

My lot is a stack of comics, zines and anthologies from the past few years. A lot of these comics are out of print and some of them were only printed in editions of 50 or 100. Included are:

Lose #1, 2, 3, 4
kus # 7, 12 (anthology)
Cold Heat Special #7
Flu Drawings
Loose #2, 4 (sketchbook zine)
Famous Walls (silkscreen zine – from 2008 or 2009)
Gags (xerox zine from 2008 or 2009)
Open Country #1, 2 (serial that I abandoned midway through, destroyed all the artwork for and then threw away all the unsold copies of, except for these two)
Drawing Restraint catalogue (gallery catalogue from a show I participated in while I was in high school – featuring work from Shary Boyle, Royal Art Lodge, Pablo Pudlat, others)
Spotting Deer
Horrible #1 (Zach Worton, Patrick Kyle, Chris Kuzma and Michael DeForge)

I’m also including a finished sketchbook I drew in over the course of a few months. I’ll rip out all the embarrassing pages before I send it. I normally throw my sketchbooks out, so here is rare a chance to own one in all its food-stained glory.

I’ve seen a few people on eBay try to sell a few of the comics in this lot for much higher than any of them are worth – I’d much prefer you bid on an auction like this, which is going to a cause that’s important to me, than to hand over your money to some other creep. So yeah, bid here.

I also have two pieces up for sale at my friend Krystle’s Sari Sari for Yolanda event this Saturday. Each drawing is 8.5×11. The event runs 5 – 10 pm at the Drake Hotel.

I don’t generally like putting up original art up for sale, but I get questions about it from time to time – this auction and the Sari Sari event will be one of the few opportunities to buy any of that sort of thing from me.

Lose #5 and Very Casual covers

Posted in comics by michaeldeforge on January 16, 2013

Koyama Press just announced their Spring 2013 releases. Included are two new comics from me: Very Casual and Lose #5

Very Casual is a 152-page color anthology of short stories culled from various zines, anthology contributions and mini-comics from the past four years. Includes Cody, Spotting Deer, Peter’s Muscle, Incinerator, Queen, Cop Comix and others. Debuting at TCAF in May.

Lose #5 will be 48 pages and will house three self-contained stories: Living Outdoors, Muskoka and Recent Hires. Debuting at CAKE in June.

October/November things

Posted in comics, misc, zines by michaeldeforge on October 24, 2012

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Toronto launch party on Sunday! Special thanks to the Beguiling and Chris Butcher for putting us on and to Michael Comeau for interviewing us. Had a good time reading, hanging out, drinking too much soju, etc.

Here’s a rundown of stuff I have coming up for the next 30 days. Me and Patrick Kyle are bringing the East Coast wing of our “not actually a tour” book tour to three other cities.

(Portrait of the authors by John Martz)

First off is a signing at The Dragon in Guelph, this coming Saturday at 6pm.

After that, we’re going to Bergen St Comics on Thursday, November 8th in Brooklyn, right before BCGF. With us will be the insanely talented Jane Mai, who is debuting a new book from Koyama Press called Sunday in the Park with Boys.

The following week we’ll be at Librairie Drawn and Quarterly in Montreal on November 15th, 7pm. We’ll be reading and doing some sort of slideshow presentation there, too.

At the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest itself (Nov 10), I’ll be tabling with Koyama Press. I’ll be debuting the mini comics Cody, Loose #3 and Molecules (published by Space Face Books.) I’ll also have a new three-page comic in the BCGF issue of Smoke Signal.

And speaking of new minis, the first issue of my Oily Comics series is now available for sale. If you aren’t an Oily Comics subscriber yet, you should be.


Lastly, I’ll be in Robin McConnell’s “Horror Hangover” show in Vancouver. The opening reception is November 23rd, and a ton of great artists are contributing pieces. Here is a muddy scan of the pen and marker drawing I made for it. It is inspired by my favorite “scary movie,” Todd Haynes’ Safe:

Okay, I think that’s all for now!


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